Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When Old Becomes New

Years ago (in 1997), I sold my first book.  That book, DESERT FIRE, was published by Kensington Publishing under their Precious Gems line.  All told, from 1997 until 2000, I sold five contemporary romances to them.

Today, I sent those books off to be scanned.  Once I get the files back, I'll read them over, tweak them, design covers, and e-publish them for a new generation of readers.  It's very exciting to me, yet daunting too.  My writing skills have changed and improved in the years (and number of books) since I wrote them.  I'm aware I'll have to do some major editing and rewriting before they're ready for the world to read.  And, with my personal life crazy and having back to back book deadlines for Harlequin, my time is limited. 

Still, I've taken the first step.  It took me two years to decide to do this.  Hopefully it won't take another two before they're ready to be put online.

That said, I headed back to the gym yesterday.  I did ten minutes of cardio to warm up, then twenty working my legs (I do miss those squats and lunges that I can't do because of my ankle!).  After that, I did fifteen minutes of cardio - would have done more, but my ankle tendon was really hurting, even after I switched from treadmill to bike. 

Today I'll be going back and working arms, chest, and back.  And abs.  I always tack on some ab workout to whatever body part I'm working. 

Amazing how much better working out makes me feel!

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