Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day!  Ok, now that I've pointed that out, I must also point out that today is mid-way through the week.  So far, I've had a good exercise and good writing week.  At the gym on Monday I did 30 minutes of cardo and yesterday I did cardo and weights.  I worked my arms, chest, and back.  One of my favorite workouts ever.  Today my body is pleasantly sore. 

I also overdid it on my stupid ankle.  I've so missed squats and tried just doing "a few".  I also did "a few" mountain climbers (these after my upper body workout).  Evidently a few is too many, because I had major swelling and pain last night.  A bag of frozen peas and an Alieve helped somewhat, but today I'm going to have to be careful.  Much more careful.

Today is supposed to be really Springlike, so I might take my Alphasmart and sit outside.  So far I've continually made my word goal of 1700 per day, so I'm happy there.

Powerful Magic went back to 99 cents yesterday.  So far it's sold 16,178 copies (mostly free, sadly.  So I don't get paid ;(  Ah well.)  It is #64 in the IBook store for Romance and is still on the Amazon bestseller list for Paranormal, Futuristic, and Fantasy Romance (number 18 or something).  So maybe I'll make a little bit of money from this experiment, though 35% of .99 isn't much.  Shrug. 

Everything else is going well.  My mom got good news - her cancer has NOT spread out of her pancreas as was originally believed.  So the doctor is scheduling her for The Whipple Procedure sometime in March.  My father seems to be settling in well.  My husband just had his annual physical and got a clean bill of health.  And my daughter has a birthday on Friday - we are both getting massages and maybe pedicures, then dinner at PF Chang's (her favorite place). 

Life is good.  I'm happy today.  Happy Leap Year Day, everyone!

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