Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Monday - February 20, 2012

Yes, it's Monday again.  Despite various vague promises to myself, I didn't write over the weekend.  And today was weigh day and my weight stayed exactly the same.  Of course, I'm actually lucky I didn't gain weight.  I didn't go to the gym at all last week - between running to court and my mom's and the attorney's, I'm lucky I even had time to write.  Plus I ate out a lot last week - and not always healthy. 

So this week, I'm getting back on track.  That's a promise.  I feel better when I work out and my muscles have missed it.  Hell, my entire body has missed it. 

Lonnie went to our lake place on Sunday to check on things.  There were weeds as tall as his waist.  He had to mow and weed-eat and edge.  He texted me pictures on the phone and there is water in the cove, but not enough to even reach our retaining wall.  The lake level stops about six inches before.  We need a few more soaking rains in that area, because I plan on spending some serious time there camping, fishing from our boat, and just loving life. 

Here's some pics from another summer.

Sigh.  I so miss that.  Now I need to go and write.

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