Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I bought a lot of music on I-Tunes yesterday.  I wanted more exercise songs, so I bought 6 singles and added them to that playlist.  Then I discovered a band called Gotye and a song called Someone That I Used to Know.  I ended up buying their latest album.  This song resonates with me for some reason.  Love it.

Yesterday I finished revamping my first chapter of The Wolf Prince.  I ended up cutting 20 pages so far and rewriting what I kept.  I like it though, so now I'm moving into the second chapter.

Today I went to the foot doctor, then came home and ate lunch, so at 1pm I'm just now sitting down at my computer.  I'm having a custom brace made for my foot - he (the doctor that is) keeps pushing surgery, but I want to try all options before I do that. 

The weekend is approaching!  Yay.  I feel so far behind on this book, but for some reason I feel relatively serene.  Makes no sense.  Sometimes, life is like that.

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