Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Start

It's Monday, and the Superbowl is over.  Though I'm not a big sports fan, I occasionally enjoy a good football game.  More so now that my father has moved here.  I grew up with the sound of sports on TV - my dad used to watch every single game on the weekend.  My husband could care less, so in my house there isn't much football.  Until lately, that is.  It's been kind of fun though and I'm sorry it's over until fall.

I've got to get back on the eat healthy - eat clean - exercise - bandwagon.  Back in 2009 I got the heaviest I've been (except for pregnancy) and started working out at the gym with a personal trainer.  I lost 15 pounds then.   For all of 2010 and most of 2011, I kept most of that weight off.

After the cruise in 2011 and then my posterior tibiual tendonitus, I've slowly gained almost every bit of that weight back.  Here in the beginning of 2012 I'm very close to my heaviest weight of 2009. 

The bad part is that I know what I need to do.  Interval training and clean eating.  Unfortunately, with my still injured body, I'm limited on the interval stuff.  Ok, I can do the exercise bike and the elliptical, but no running, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, jump squats, or any of that.  However, the time has come to quit making excuses and do what I can.  Clean eating first.  Exercise - weight training and interval cardio - next. 

I'm much more comfortable at a size 4-6 then I am at my current size. 

So, though I don't make resolutions, there are two things I want to focus on for 2012.

Writing the best books I possibly can
Getting my weight/health/body back in shape.

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