Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Friday!  I freakin' love Friday.  Not sure why, except maybe it's a holdover from working the insurance job full time.  Shrug. 

Shortly after I posted yesterday, I shifted my weight in my desk chair and BAM.  My hip/ITBS/whatever muscle went out.  That's the part of my body I (and anyone actually) use when climbing stairs.  Especially climbing stairs holding a 40 pound puppy.  Or lifting said 40 pound puppy in and out of the SUV.  Yes people, I'm not 20 (or even 30 or 40) anymore.  I overdid it and sprained/messed up my hip.  Badly.  As in, iced for 20 minutes on the couch moaning in pain.  I could barely walk, never mind climb the stairs or lift up the puppy. 

I ended up taking one of my husbands prescription anti-inflammatories and icing.  After a nights sleep, it's better, though still not good.  But better.  What pisses me off is I couldn't hit the gym.  First the ankle, then the hip - what am I, 90?  Come on.  So I skipped the gym, read some, and didn't write a single word on the book.  Bad me.

Today, will be different.  While I still don't know if the gym will be a good idea, I'll wait and see.  But I will write.  I will.  Starting.... now.

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