Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday February 23, 2012

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I read several blogs every morning.  Over on Drunk Writer Talk
( my friend Stephanie is talking about Single Title Contemporary Romance.  As I posted in the comments there, I just finished reading Kristin Hannah's HOME FRONT.  Kristin is an auto-buy in hardcover for me (as opposed to buying it to read on my Kindle).  I adore her books, partly because I wish I could write like her, and partly because I so enjoy the stories.  They're a slice of everyday life for her characters, and always fascinating and heart-wrenching and emotionally satisfying.

Another book I just finished reading, which I think would be Single Title Historical Romance, was WATER FOR ELEPHANTS by Sara Gruen.   Now I'm not a big circus fan and I actually resisted seeing the movie (despite loving Reese Witherspoon).  But once I saw - and loved - the movie, I had to read the book.  I bought it for my Kindle and *devoured* it.  Amazing research and sense of detail and beautiful, beautiful writing.  And set during the Great Depression.  Most importantly, we fall in love with the main character Jacob Jancowski and the elephant Rosie. 

Now I'm ready for some lighter fare and I am making my way through Kristin Higgins backlist.  Her books would also be classified as Single Title Contemporary Romance.  Next up on my Kindle is JUST ONE OF THE GUYS.  Her books are always satisfying in a humorous, laugh-out-loud, kind of way. 

My friend Anna Adams ( mentioned how rarely she has time to read for pleasure anymore.  I told her about my little secret - reading at the gym.  I take my Kindle and get on the recumbent bike and before I know it, I've been pedalling for 30 minutes!  I suppose you could also do this on the treadmill.  I've done it on the elliptical machine too.  It won't work for resistance training because you have to focus, but for mindless cardio, it's fantastic!

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