Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My baby Libby is home!  The vet made an exception and let us pick her up last night.  She was, of course, out of it but they sent home pain pills (Rimadyl) and detailed instructions.  So far she's doing wonderful, though it's going to be a challenge to keep her from running and jumping.  I'm carrying her up and down the stairs as my husband can't lift due to his surgery.  She weighs 40 pounds now, so thank goodness I lift weights!  Still, it's a challenge. 

She ate this morning and drank water and went to the bathroom outside - on a leash, as she's not allowed to run.  She had a pain pill at 8am.  She's on the road to recovery.

Also today my mom has two scans to find out if the Chemo and Radiation shrunk her pancreatic cancer enough to be surgically removed.  Praying she gets good results.

Yesterday was another good day, both writing wise and exercise/food.  I'm still using the Lose It app to track my calories and exercise.  At the gym, I did pretty much what I said I would - ten minute warm up, twenty minutes of free weights and machines (in reps of 3) to work my arms and back and chest.  Followed by fifteen minutes of cardio.  Felt good.  It's actually amazing to me how much happier I feel when I work out.  I feel much more in control and my body appreciates it.  How is it that I manage to forget this?

Writing went well as well.  I'm pleased with how the book is coming.

Today is a grey, gloomy looking day.  We did have a full moon this morning when I took the dogs out before dawn and it was beautiful.  I'm looking forward to another productive day, both creatively and physically.
How about you?

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