Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Changes - February 22, 2012

My most productive writing time used to be in the morning.  I would sit down, all fired up, and words would flow from my mind to my fingers to the keyboard (or page, if I was hand writing.).  Yeah right, I know this is every writer's dream, but it occasionally did happen.  And it used to happen more in the morning than any other time.

Not so, these days.

Of late, I find I spend my mornings checking email, reading my blog roll, checking sales on Kindle and Nook and Smashwords.  I log these, play a few games of solitaire or whatever, have a mid-morning break of Greek yogurt, and THEN I start work.  And though I work until lunch, it isn't until after lunch that I really get going. 

I'm not sure why this has changed.  But that's the way it is now.  I still have the best job in the world.

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