Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's Saturday- March 30, 2012

Though I normally don't post on Saturday, I'm working (so of course I'm looking for an excuse to procrastinate!).  I worked my behind off yesterday and got to Chapter 16 on my editing.  The word count was at 80,459 by the end of the day Friday.  Then exhausted, I went grocery shopping and out to eat tacos. 

Today I'm going to go see the Hunger Games later (yay!).  So I'm working on the book.  It will be edited an done by the end of the business day on Monday (or actually before) and once I email it off, I'm taking a day or two before diving into the final edits for my September book The Cop's Missing Child. 

I'm going to go visit my Mom on Tuesday.  Picking up my middle brother and making the trip out there.  Planning to spend the morning and then taking my brother to lunch after.  Should be a nice day.

Ah well, gotta get back to work, 

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