Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012 Monday

This Monday morning dawned sunny and - dare I say it - cheerful.  I used to hate Mondays because that meant I had to go back to work at the day job.  Now, I love Mondays because I go to work at my writing job in my comfy office upstairs in the room that used to be my daughter's.  A long time ago.

Friday was a wonderful day.  I got my word count in early, had lunch (healthy baked fish and veggies), and met my daughter at a place called Massage Envy.  We each got a hour long massage, which was heaven.  After that was over, we drove to a Nail Spa and we both got the tropical.  The description - cut and pasted from their website = Tropical Pedicure (40 min.) Sip a Malibu pineapple cocktail.  This includes a tropical exfoliation for the tired feet and legs, a tangerine mud mask that leaves a cool tingle that soothes the aches of the feet followed by a hot towel wrap, and ending with warm scented lotion leaving you with an island vacation for your feet.

And it was heavenly! 

We got back home and then my husband and I gave her the Nook Tablet we'd gotten for her.  After that, we went to one of her favorite restaurants - PF Chang's to eat.  Even though I *really* wanted the Chicken Fried Rice, I got Garlic Shrimp - 470 calories to the Fried Rice 1520.  I ate half of my dinner and took the other half home.  Very pleased with myself.  Of course, the two agave margaritas I had probably negated the calorie savings.  Sigh. 

But now it's Monday and back to work on the book and back to the gym for the body.  Oh, and when I get done I have 30 bags of pine bark mulch waiting to be spread in the back yard flower beds!  Maybe that will be my workout for today!

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