Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finally, The End (sort of) Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yesterday, I finally wrote the ending to my book.  21 Chapters.  I'm happy with the ending, but now I have four days before deadline to re-read everything, make sure it's all tied together and makes sense, fix problems, and oh - add 3,000 words.  It ended up at 77,055.  It needs to be between 80,000 and 85,000 words.  No biggie, as I know I'll be adding stuff while I edit.  Deleting stuff too.  It's a big task, no - a HUGE task - to do in four days.

And my mom is sick again.  Edema (swelling, water retention), fever, chills, coughing.  She goes back to the doctor today.  Being my mom, she says she thinks she has a cold.  Last time, it was pneumonia.  She doesn't tolerate the surgery thing very well at all. 

After the surgery in October, and the Chemo/Radiation in January, she was finally - this month, feeling better.  She drove her car for the first time on the 12th.  We went to lunch on the 13th.  She went to church with my youngest brother, out to eat Pho with Gloria.  And then the surgery that couldn't help her at all, and she's down again.  Sucks. 

To lighten the gloomy/sad/depressed turn this post has taken, here are my two Boxers last night while I was watching American Idol.  They wanted to play.

Aren't they cute?  Thank God for dogs.  They can always bring happiness and calm to my life. 

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