Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday March 15, 2012

Yesterday, my best friend Anna Adams ( saved my life.  Oh, not just because she came up with the admittedly brilliant idea of getting a hotel near the hospital, but because today I had a synopsis due for my next Harlequin Romantic Suspense book.  As of yesterday morning, I had the character's names and some of their backstory and that was it. 

Yesterday I wrote 3000 (give or take) words - an entire synopsis.  When I was a little more than halfway done, I emailed it to Anna to take a look and help brainstorm.  When she and I get together and brainstorm, we are damn near brilliant, I tell you!  She read it, sent it back with questions and corrections and then ensued a flurry of emails.  I wrote, rewrote, changed the hero's name and situation, and then late in the day I sent it to her.  I then powered off my computer and went to meet my brother and his wife for beer and food.  (that was fun too - but I drank too much beer and now have a nagging headache) 

This morning when I opened my email, she'd emailed the final version back to me (at 1:08 am or something!).  I went through it yet again, made corrections and changes, and emailed it off to my editor, who has already sent me a note letting me know she's received it.  Yay!

One more task tackled.  And honestly, I could not have done it without Anna's help.  So Anna, this is a BIG thank you.  Because you went way above and beyond.  I sure miss our brainstorming sessions at the local Starbucks!

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