Saturday, March 24, 2012

Let There Be Water

This morning - Saturday, no less - we got up at 6am.  Lonnie went down to the lake lot to de-winterize it and get it ready for us to start camping there.  I, on the other hand, had to stay home because my book is due 4-1 and I had to work on it.  Hmmph. 

After last year's drought - and lack of water in our cove - it was exciting to see that yes, we do have water.  (He sent me these cell phone pics)

Oh, joy!  We also have weeds.  Lots of weeds.  He's not only going to get everything ready - de-winterize, turn the fridge on, etc., but he's going to mow and get rid of weeds.  Not so much fun for him.

Ah, but the water.

Ever since we bought this lake lot and developed it, we've been talking about the day when when can camp there for longer than a weekend.  Like a week.  Or even two.  Tying our pontoon boat up to our boat dock and going out whenever we want. 

Looks like we can now.  Or at least soon.  Maybe after I turn in this book.

Because there is water.  Water, water, water, water.  And fish.  Oh hell yeah!

In addition to our pontoon, we have two kayaks.  That's also fun when the water is up.  And we fish from our dock too.  We've caught a lot of catfish that way in years past.

Can you tell I REALLY want to be there right now?  Really. 

But then I remember the weeds.

And I'm glad he's getting the place cleaned up so I don't have to help.   But soon.... it'll be camping time. 

Lookout fish - here I come!

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