Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Again? March 30, 2012

It's Friday (yay!).  So yesterday I edited and I got through Chapters 1-6.  Today I will do more.  It's been interesting, how I initially viewed the characters and how I view them now, as I've gotten to know them better.  So I've been fixing and adding and deleting.  The book will be fine and on time on Monday. 

Lately I've been reading all these travel blogs - not big corporate ones - but apparently there is an entire group of people (mostly young and single) who worked at corporate jobs making tons of money and saving, saving, saving.  Then they quit and set out solo to travel the world.  It's fascinating.  And their blogs are interesting.  This gives me an idea because next year (fingers crossed), Lonnie and I are going to either hook up our camper or buy a motorhome and spend a large chunck of time traveling the country, including Canada and Alaska.  I will definitely set up a blog about it - or continue it here on this blog. 

I love this idea! 

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