Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

I spent my Sunday working in the yard.  It was lovely - a tad bit warm - but sunny and nice.  After we read the Sunday paper, I cooked a great breakfast (corned beef hash and poached eggs with English muffins), we went to The Plant Shed.  Picked up 15 more bags of mulch (after the 30 we put out a few weekends ago) and a bunch of flowers.

Then we cleaned up the front flower beds, which were a mess.  And planted flowers and mulched.

Yes, I still need to replace those sickly bushes.  I will, I promise.  But Lonnie got a ton of errant monkey grass out and we pulled weeds.  It looks SO much better.  And yes, we do need to trim up the monkey grass we kept.  But still...

 And then, with seven bags of mulch left, we went back to the back yard.  More flowers, and added mulch to the areas that were a bit thin.

The flowers look nice.

 Really nice, if I do say so myself.  And they'll be even better when they get bigger.

I'll try to remember to post pics. 

So tired and happy, we showered and then ate.  And watched Once Upon A Time.  A great day, even If I'll be sore today as I do the final read through before sending the book in.  On Time.


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