Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012 Music To Write By

Sometimes I like to write in silence, totally lost in my world with my people.  Other times, I make each book a soundtrack and obsessively play it every single time I sit down to write.  Other times, I play random songs on my ITunes, sorting by Genre or Artist.  Today, though I haven't seen the move yet (but will, I promise you!), I bought the Soundtrack to The Hunger Games.  Lots of new (to me) artists and exactly the kind of dramatic music I love to write to.  Sometimes.  It varies.

Anyway, I'm still holding to my 2000 word a day thing, but I still would like to increase that output so I have time to edit at the end before turning the book in.  I cannot WAIT to finish this book.  Cannot wait.

Then it's back to exercising and weight lifting and burning calories and toning muscle.  Though I miss having a personal trainer to direct me, I miss working out more than I would ever have thought possible.  Also, this summer I'm going to buy some googles and try swimming more in my pool.  Like Liz at one of my favorite blogs

Anyway, I'm a bit behind this morning due to oversleeping my non-alarm and being groggy for some reason.  Gotta get with it and get to work.

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