Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Today is my mother's birthday.  She's 77.  She hasn't started her second round of Chemo for her pancreatic cancer yet.  I picked her up yesterday to take her to lunch since she likes to play bingo on her birthday.  She's lost another five pounds, which I believe makes it around 50 pounds total.  None of her clothes fit her anymore and her rings (she wears them on just about every finger) kept falling off, so we finally put them in my console so she wouldn't lose them. 

She chose Red Lobster and we had the Festival of Shrimp.  After lunch, I took her to Macy's (per her request) so she could get new shirts for her birthday.  I'd given her a Macy's gift card.  But she couldn't find anything to eat and the lunch started messing with her stomach, so I took her back home. 

Today she said she's getting a pedicure and manicure and breakfast out, then her beloved Bingo.  Should be a fun day for her.

I wrote like crazy yesterday morning since I had to leave at 11 (it's an hour drive each way to where she lives).  I managed 1000 words out of my required 1500, not too shabby.  I'll try to do more today, since tomorrow is MY birthday and I have a lot of fun stuff planned with both my husband and my daughter.

I guess I'd better get to it.


Regina Richards said...

Happy Birthday, Karen!! Wishing you loads of fun!

God bless you as you travel this path with your mother. Mine passed away from breast cancer a little over a year ago. As hard as the cancer was, there are some very happy memories of the time we spent together during that period of her life.

Karen Whiddon said...

Thanks so much Regina. I'm very sorry about your mom - it's rough. My mom is hanging in there though.