Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A New Plan

Written Monday afternoon - Ever since I could even begin to dream of writing full time, I used to think about how cool it would be to walk the dogs in the morning, while everyone else was leaving for work.  This morning, I did!  I took the Boxer puppy and my husband took the older Boxer and we walked one mile.  I've been gradually strengthening my ankle/tendon but without the brace, one mile was the most I could do.  Oh, when I got back I took my Mini-Schnauzer to the end of the street and back because I didn't want him to feel left out.  But after that walk, I went to work and wrote, met my word goal, and then went to the gym and did weights and resistance training for thirty minutes.  A little sore, but not bad. 

My pedometer as of right now shows 9082.  I'll be making that 10,000 steps easy today!  That makes me smile.

Written Tuesday morning - I ended the day with 11542 steps.  However, I way over did it on both my ankle and my other leg/hip.  I spent much of the night in so much achy pain that I couldn't sleep.  Which sucks.  This morning I took a prescription anti-inflammatory.  I sadly won't be going walking today and am not sure I'm even going to the gym. If I do, it'll just be weights, which I can do at home.  I guess I just got over-confident on the ankle/tendon.  Whenever I overwork that and it hurts, I favor that leg and it throws my other side out of whack, thus the persistant nagging back ache and hip/leg ache. 

Wah!  Stinks being old

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