Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mid-week Wednesday May 23, 2012

I am nearing the end of the revisions.  These - maybe because I did two sets of them (my agent's and my editor's)- have felt particularly brutal.  But I know the story will be better when I'm done.  There are two major issues I have to go back and weave in.  I've fixed some of the other major ones and just about finished the minor things.

It's exhausting and confusing but... I can see the end.  Probably another full day (today) of revising. (Please!)  Once this is done, i need to resend that first chapter of the HRS (done!) and the synopsis (must be revised).  Then hopefully they can pay me for delivery and acceptance of one and synopsis approval on the other.

 Then I can go back to the Fast Draft thing, even if the group has moved on to revising there.  The way it's looking, it will probably be this weekend before I can start any of that.

It's Memorial Day weekend.  I'm ready!  Whether I spend it at the pool or the lake, I'll be around water and outside.

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