Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Confusion of Riches

I have too much.  Too many books I want to read.  There are over 300 on my Kindle, another 300 in my physical TBR stack.  I've gotten to the point where, unless it's a book I MUST read (Like Wife 22 which comes out on 5-29 and sounds fascinating), I've been putting them on my "wish" list at Amazon instead of adding them to my overcrowded Kindle. 

Occasionally I'll stumble across something I really want to read, only to learn - yes, I have it, and it's been sitting around unread for months. 

With the explosion of free books, and the fact that I help my fellow authors and download their free book when they ask, it's gotten ridiculous.  It's like when you go to RWA National and they give you tons of free books and you bring them home and never read them, unless it's some author or story that strikes your fancy.  I admit, I have discovered new authors that way.

And therein lies the rub.  What if I miss out on a great book, just because my Kindle is cluttered?  Arrrgh.  And it seems like I never have enough time to read anymore.  I work (ie; write) all day, then exercise and watch TV at night.  I used to skip the TV and just go and read while my husband watched, but now there are quite a few shows I like and I enjoy the together time with him. 

When he had to get a minor outpatient medical procedure done on Monday, I was excited because I'd get to read in the waiting room!  Pathetic, isn't it?

Ah well.  It's a holiday weekend.  I sent the revised Nocturne in to my editor yesterday.  I plan to send the revised HRS synopsis and first chapter today.  Then it's back to writing and .... hopefully I can sneak in a little reading too!

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Regina Richards said...

LOL, Karen. I too have resorted to using my Amazon Wish list. And yes, I too have tried on more than one occassion to purchase again somethng I had already bought and failed to read or watch. Definitely a confusion of riches. :)