Monday, May 21, 2012

Maniac Monday

As I may have mentioned, I had to quit doing the Fast Draft writing and focus on revisions for THE WOLF PRINCE.  So I'm doing that instead of new writing.  Once I complete those and send that manuscript back to my editor, I have to send also a revised chapter and synopsis for the THE MILLIONAIRE COWBOY.  Then - and only then - will I go back to Fast Draft writing.

I'm in love with the process.  If I can stick to it, I'll write a rough draft fairly quickly and have the luxury of doing lengthy revisions and polishing until it shines! 

Friday my lovely agent Lucienne Diver was in town.  We met for a drink (a glass of red wine) and chatted.  I haven't seen her in a few years I think, so that was lovely.  We talked about future projects and - good news here - Harlequin has asked me to do an online free read.  I'll write a 50 page short story and readers will get to read it free, to introduce more people to my stories.  I'm more than excited about that.

Today my husband has a minor medical procedure, so I'll be in and out. 

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