Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mid-week Sadness

I just got back from the funeral of a wonderful woman I used to work with.  The service was beautiful and after the reception was lovely.  I spoke to both her grieving daughters and her husband and it was good to see my old boss and co-workers.

The service started at 10:30 - I left at 10 and started getting ready at 8.  I didn't get home until 1:30.  Now it's nearly 3 and I'm drained and sad and tired.  

I haven't been to the gym in weeks - literally.  I've been walking around here and frequently making my 10,000 steps, but last weekend at the lake, I was a slug.  Getting dressed up to go to the funeral today, nothing fit, even with my Spanx.  I felt like a sausage crammed into clothes.  Not a good feeling.  But only I can change that, so I need to quit whining and start doing.

On the writing front, my editor liked my revisions on The Wolf Prince, so I'll get the Delivery and Acceptance payment!  Yay!  Now I just need to hear on the HRS proposal.  Tomorrow my plan is to start back on the Fast Draft writing and see if I can get up to par.

I just made some hot tea - my favorite soothing drink.  I'm hoping it will vanquish my headache and give me a bit of an oomph so I can finish out this day.

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