Sunday, May 13, 2012

Late Sunday

It's Sunday night and tomorrow I start a "Fast Draft" writing class put on by Candace Havens.  If this class works, I'll be writing more than I've ever written before - and I'm looking forward to trying it.  However, to meet the insane page goals (20 pages!), I may be a bit scarce on the old blog.   Or not, if I truly get into "the zone". 

Anyway, today was Mother's Day and I had a good one.  Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love tea.  Hot tea.  I have an entire rack in my pantry with all types of tea.  I drink a cup a day, minimum.  I used to bring a thermos of hot tea to work everyday. 

Well, on my birthday, I discovered a new store in the mall called Teavana.  (Nirvana, but tea - get it?)   My daughter said it was my kind of store and she's right.  Oh.  My.  God!  On my birthday I bought two different kinds of tea leaves and one of them was the best black tea I've ever had.  They have expensive tea ($25 for 2 ounces) all the way down to reasonable tea (3.80 for 2 ounces).  They have green tea, black tea, red tea, white tea, herb tea - you name it, they have it.  I bought one black and one white.  I lusted after these cast iron tea cups (and a cast iron tea pot, but that will have to wait as it's sooo expensvie). 

I mention this because for mother's day, my dear husband took me about bought me six of the cast iron tea cups.  Sigh.  He also (very patiently) let me go to Macy's and try on dresses until I chose two sun dresses.  And Charmin' Charlies, where I got a few earrings, a necklace, and two rings.

I also got to eat at Chili's with my amazing and wonderful daughter, who bought me tickets to painting with a twist - we're going together. 

Great day - and tomorrow I'll use tea to fuel my writing!  Wish me luck!

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