Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday February 23, 2011

Today's post is about exercise.  People sometimes ask me what kind of workouts I do with a personal trainer.  They vary, sometimes we work with machines or free weights or a combination, and sometimes we do body weight exercises. 

Last night's workout was a killer one.  After warming up for ten minutes on the elliptical, I had to run for 2 minutes on the treadmill, then drop and do 12 pushups, then 15 body squats, then 1 minute of jumping jacks, then 12 pushups again, then 15 body squats.  All without resting.  THEN, when all was completed, I got one minute of rest and had to start it all again. 

We did this three times.

Then, after than was over, I had to go to this inclined board thingee and do 15 crunches, then do 15 exercises on the stability ball (glute ones, the name escapes me). You guessed it - three times without break. 

And then my half hour session was over.  So I had to do 20 minutes of just cardio afterwards.  Because the workout was so brutal, I chose 10 on the recumbant  bike and 10 on the elliptical.

All done.  Sweaty, tired, and happy.

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