Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday 2-13-11

Wow, what a weekend.  Totally different from last weekend.  It was around 70 yesterday and 75 today.  On Saturday we went down to the lake place to put up the purple martin house and check on things.  It made us both miss the place so badly. 

We both didn't want to leave the lake.  But the camper was winterized and we couldn't stay.  But the purple martin house is ready for the birds to arrive.  It's always fun because the next time we get there, it will be full of birds.

We walked two miles today with the dogs and rode our bikes a mile.  So we got our exercise in, all in preparation for tomorrow - our annual V-Day celebration with hamburgers.  No exercise that day.  Oh no.  Just fattening food and chocolate. Godiva, of course.

I didn't write (sadly) and I did try to talk to my husband about quitting the day job so I can write full time, but that didn't go well.  Will try again after V-day.  Watching the Grammy's and blogging.  More fun!

And finally, we grilled babyback ribs on the barbeque and I made perfect margaritas that were... well, perfect.  An awesome weekend.  Making me ready for Monday!

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