Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday February 3, 2011

Wow - the ice is still around.  School districts were closed for the third day.  Today though, I went into the office.  I rode in with my husband in his "tank" and got in around 7:15 am.  I plan to catch up on some work, and then maybe go home around lunch time and stay there. 

Last night the circuit breaker blew on the greenhouse heaters.  Not sure when, but at 4am it was 27 in there.  Poor hubby had to get up, back his SUV out of the garage so he could reset the breakers.  Worse, we're scheduled for more rolling blackouts today.  Fun. Fun. Fun.

However, I wrote a LOT yesterday (on the Alphasmart).  I don't know how much, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself, all snuggled in the recliner with a blanket and my Schnauzer tucked into my side.  Hot cocoa with marshmallows (and later hot tea).  I made a grilled tuna melt for lunch and then I did make turkey enchiladas.

OMG, they were so good.  Hubby LOVED them. 

My plans for today include closing out January at the day job, catching up on some other stuff like renewals, and then hopefully heading home to write some more.  We'll see how that plan goes.  I have all three dogs here at the office with me becuase whenever the rolling blackouts come, our stupid smoke detectors screech the entire time the power's out.  I brought in a ladder yesterday because if they do that today, I'm going around and removing all the batteries.  Duh.  Should have thought of that yesterday.

Anyway, better get back to work.  I have a LOT to do if I want to go home after half a day.

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