Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday, 2-4-11

I'm in heaven!  I woke up this morning and, as the weather forecaster's had predicted, we got snow.  But not just 1-2 inches, more like 4-5, with more coming down.  When all's said and done, I imagine we'll have 6-7 inches of powder.

So yes, I stayed home from work today.  I ended up working all day yesterday from 7am until 5pm, with maybe a half hour for lunch.  I closed out the month, talked to a few customers, and got caught up on renewals.  Today I've got a fire going in the fireplace.

I trudged outside in the snow and refilled the bird feeders and the squirrel feeder.

I've also made stew for dinner tonight, along with some homemade potato bread in the bread machine.

Cutting up potatoes, onion and celery.

Now it just has to cook.  I can't wait.  Even though Friday is normally our night to eat out, since the weather is so crazy, we're just going to stay home. 

Remember the poor palm tree?  I wrapped it and have been hoping that it makes it.  It never got above 20 yesterday and today's high is forecasted at 25.  Here's the palm tree with snow over the ice.

Poor thing.  I sure hope it makes it.

Last night, Chili's had sent via email a coupon saying something to the effect of DFW people, come out and eat and we'll give you some free queso and chips.  So Lonnie and I decided what the heck.  It won't be crowded since no one drives on this ice.  We went.  The place was PACKED.  Half hour wait (except we got right in because there was just two of us and the twofer tables are never full).  But still, the kitchen was so swamped it was 45 minutes to an hour on food.  And, you can see the gym from the Chili's parking lot, and that place was full too.  Turns out everyone had cabin fever.  So weird.  I'm glad we ate out last night though, since tonight will be spent in with homemade beef stew.  And I'm glad.

Next up, I plan to park myself in my recliner with hot cocoa near the fire and write.  I'm lovin' life these days!

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