Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Night, 2-20-11

It's Sunday night, after a fairly decent weekend.  I'm drinking a beer, listening to music from my I-Tunes, and feeling relective.  Amos Lee's "Violin" is playing now and it's perfect.

I didn't write at all this weekend.  I feel vaguely guilty, but Friday I got hammered at the day job.  Customer after customer, problem after problem.  I handled everything, including one of my employees who tried to help but only suceeded in making things worse.  But by Friday night I felt like a dishwrag, wrung out many times.  Sigh.

I did good though.  Not a single margarita all weekend and not very much beer also.    I got a lot done around the house, saw Unknown at the movies with the awesome Liam Neeson and cooked.  I even did some core exercises today at home - planks and crunches and weights. 

Despite that, I'm still not ready for Monday.  Though I do need to get back to writing.  So bring it on.  Bring it on. 

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