Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

I have worked at an outside job since I was sixteen.  The only time I took off was in 1980 when my daughter was born - I took 18 months off then before going back to work.  In 1988, I had six weeks off because I had to have major surgery.  Lastly, in 1998 I took one month off when I had temporary custody of Lanessa and Alyssa, the step-granddaughters.  Other than that, I've pretty much worked outside the home continually.

Now it has been one year since we sold the insurance agency and I started working from home as an author.  I wondered if I would be bored - nope.  I wondered if I would miss working with other people - sometimes, but mostly nope.  I still have a routine - I get up at a certain time, start work at a certain time, take a break, have lunch, go to the gym, etc.  I can't really see a down side.

But I get more time with my dogs - which is great.  Since my husband retired at the same time as I became a work-from-homer, we still see each other every day. 

And I'll admit, it is nice to be able to work for longer stretches and not be interrupted like I was when I tried to fit in writing with the day job.  And I'll also admit I do miss having the two paychecks - the regular job one and the writing one.  It's a lot different when your "play" money becomes your only income. 

Other than that, my life hasn't really changed.  I still don't get to read as much as I'd like.  That's partially my fault, as I used to let Lonnie watch his television shows and I'd go into another room and read.  Nowadays, I plop right down with him.  Sometimes if I show is really boring, I'll get my Kindle and read, but I watch a LOT more TV than I used to. 

 I go to the gym, but I'd really planned on exercising more at home.  I have the equipment - need a few more weights, like 15 lb ones and at least 1 20 lb one, but I have learned this about myself - left to my own devices (ie; without a personal trainer), I'm really lazy. 

Ah well.  I have writing to do and need to get back to it.

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