Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

My Friday the 13th started yesterday.  My little mini-Schnauzer Mitchell hurt his back.  Badly.  My daughter had stopped by to swim (I kept working - too busy).  My husband joined her along with the dogs.  Mitchell LOVES to swim.  We aren't sure what happened (I was inside, so I didn't see) but he got hurt.

He was arching his back like a cat and his hind legs wouldn't support him.  I called the vet and they said to bring him in and they would work him in.  Because they are busy, this involves a long wait, so I was prepared.
I got there at 4:21 and was seen close to 6:00. 

The vet says that Mitchell is in danger of rupturing a disk.  He gave Mitchell a couple of shots (cortisone and morphine derivative) and pills to take home.  Mitch has to stay in a crate all the time and is only allowed out to eat - and I have to carry him to and from the food - and to go potty.  When he goes potty, he has to be carried out and on a leash.  He isn't allowed to walk, run, jump, or anything that could worsen his injury. 

This morning I gave him his three pills again and fed him.  He got to go out.  He's been in his crate otherwise, which doesn't make him too happy, but there's no alternative.  He moans when I go to pick him up.  My poor little boy!  He's only 10 years old (turns 11 next month) and this is his first major health issue. 

We're hoping to heal him this way.  The vet says if this doesn't work, the only other alternative is surgery.  Yikes.

One last pic of Mitchell guarding his yard.  He looks so stern.

Other news, we were supposed to be going to the lake today for the weekend, but cancelled due to Mitchell's injury.  I've gotten revisions on the short on-line read, so I'm working on them.  I've nearly finished the synopsis for the Nocturne - was closing in on it yesterday when Mitchell got hurt, so that's good. 

And... drumroll, please.  I finally made a chiropractor appointment.  I go in at 2:15 today!  Let's hope he can help me.  (No, it's not that quack place I tried several years ago.)

Now I've got to get back to work!

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