Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Morning

Once again, Monday rolls around.  When I worked a day job at an office, I used to hate Mondays.  Hated the whole end-of-the-weekend thing.  Now, my life is totally different.  I like Mondays.  Might even love `em.  I look forward to the entire routine, sitting down at my computer in my office with my first cup of coffee, surrounded by my dogs.  Checking my email.  Reading my blog roll. 

And then opening the file and getting to work.

Today I'm revising the short story for the Harlequin On-Line read.  Once that's done, it's back to work on the late HRS which has finally been approved!  Yay! 

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Regina Richards said...

It's good to be the captain of your own ship, especially when it is sailing on the waters you love best. I'm glad you love Mondays now.