Monday, July 23, 2012

Time Flies

Monday again. Huh.  One thing I have definitely noticed about this working from home gig is that time goes by WAY quicker than it did when I was schlepping into an office every day. 

So I've got a lot of work to do and yes - I'm still in pain.  Despite seeing a chiropractor - which did help - the Sciatic nerve thing is bad.  Mitchell is better - he's out of his crate and allowed to walk around.  Just no climbing stairs or jumping up and down on furniture.  So I've been carrying him around.  Luckily he only weighs 20 pounds.

Mac had to get his booster shots today.  And that's about it. 

I've got a lot of work to do - MUST push through and get this book done. 

Wish me luck!

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