Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Yet Again

The summer heat makes me tired.  Lately, I've been groggy and exhausted.  I haven't been sleeping well, and it seems like I manage to inadvertantly piss people off no matter what I do, without even trying.  I think of that old song lyrics - can't remember the artist or even the title - "You can't please everyone, so you have to please yourself."  It's more difficult to do that than you would imagine. 

I have work, and I'm very grateful for that.  I have a wonderful husband and family, and ditto on the gratefulness.   But it seems like I need a clone (I know I've said that before) so I can be in more than one place at one time.   Since I can't, I can only do what I can do.  People being mad at me and trying to make me feel like crap or guilty, I can't handle that right now.  I need less drama, more calm.  Repeat after me.  Less Drama.  More calmness.  That's it.  Calm.  Ahhhhh.

I turned in the novella.   A bit early even (it was due the 10th).  My wonderful friend Anna Adams critiqued it for me - thank goodness for her eyes.  I fixed it up and sent it in.  The editor (not my regular editor) said she will get back to me with any revisions within ten days.  Then I have ten days to do them.

Next up - I need to come up with a synopsis for the next Nocturne.  The synopsis is due 7-15.

Oh, and on the HRS?  No word from the editor on approval for the synopsis that I first turned in on 3-15.  I've revised it twice now and that book - that poor, abandoned book - was due 7-1.  It's sitting in my computer at 45,000 words, waiting on approval so I can keep writing it and fix it to their specs, and make the target word count of 70,000 words.  After I do the Nocturne synopsis, I'm going to go back to work on it either way, because hopefully I can go back and fix whatever else they might want changed.

However, it is nerve-wracking and a bit of a confidence buster.  This HRS will be my 25th book for Harlequin.  They've never done this to me before, so it's kind of shaken my creativity.  And yes, I'm having a lot of difficulty trying to do a synopsis for a Nocturne. 

Ah well.  It's nearly the weekend.  I'm still mulling over Pack ideas for the next synopsis.  Wish me luck.


Regina Richards said...

Some days are like that. I think this heat makes people cranky. They know you can't be everywhere at once, and normally they might give you a pass on being a real human being rather than superwoman, but the heat makes them feel unreasonable.

Anna Adams said...

Ricky Nelson, "Garden Party." I love that song, and it's so true! You have too many folks to please right now. And you know, I think the heat is a major factor right now. Everything will look so much more bearable if the heat just lets up a little!

You take care--and by the way--I'd be lost without you and your wise, all-seeing eyes! ;-)