Monday, July 30, 2012

Lake and Heat

Friday morning we took off for the lake.  It was hot and forecasted to have record heat, but the camper has AC and we have the boat and the water and beer - what more do we need, right?

This big guy paid us a visit on our arrival Friday.

It was so hot on Friday, too hot to grill, so we took the boat over the the marina restaurant/bar and shared a pizza and beer.  Mmmmm.

The dogs had a blast, though they spent more time in the AC than outside (it got to 106!)

Our neighbor Charlie is a fishing guide, so he's damn good at it.  He had his grandson and family in, so when they brought back a huge cooler full of fish, he invited us for a fish fry on Saturday night!  Yum!  Everything was delicious!  This was the first time ever that we didn't cook any food at all for supper while camping. 

Saturday and Sunday we got up early and went fishing.  It was lovely being out on the lake as the sun came up.  We even caught a few fish, though we tossed them back.  In this picture, we tied up to those trees and fished straight down.

All in all, it was fun.  But hot.  We got home Sunday and Lonnie headed for the pool with the dogs.  Me, I headed out to get a pedicure!  Hey, a girl's got to have her priorities, right?

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