Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another Week Almost Gone

So here it is, Thursday.  Another week almost gone, hell - another MONTH almost gone.  We're almost done with July.  And we move on to August, which - despite my husband's birthday - is my least favorite month of all. 

August is a lion, which in addition to being astrologically correct, also refers to the heat.  Blazing heat, waves of it, that feel never-ending.  I hate August (oh yeah, sorry - I know I already said that!)

And I'm writing and sitting inside in the air conditioning, but I miss sitting outside in the swing and writing (can't - too hot).  The pool is even warm, like bathwater.  I happen to like that.  Shrug.

Camping is even miserable.  Yes, we have the lake and the boat but still....  You can't really enjoy sitting around outside when it's this hot.  Really. 

It's that time of year when clothes don't seem to fit right and my hair is always yucky.  My skin feels oily and damp and uncomfortable. 

If I was rich, I'd fly away during these months.  Vancouver Island.  Ketchikan.  Maine.  Somewhere where it's not this hot.  I've lived in Texas now for 34 years.  I still haven't gotten used to the summers.  Blech.  That's why I always scheduled our vacations for August.   Here's a pic from last year's cruise (this is Grand Cayman)

Rant over.  I'll return you to your regularly schedule program.

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