Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Again!

I had a wonderful, relaxing weekend.  It started Friday night, when Lonnie and I met my brother and his wife at a local Mexican restaurant for drinks and dinner.  I could tell they didn't like my new haircut but hey, that's the thing about hair.  It grows!

Then Saturday Lonnie and I went to the mall and he very patiently waited while I got measured at Victoria's Secret and tried on bras.  I had received a $10 gift from VS for my birthday, and I got a nice bra.  I also had a $20 gift card for Gap and they had shorts on sale for $25, so I got a pair of those.  Then we went to the Coach store to look at purses.  We also went to Dillards, because they often have last season's bags on sale.  I ended up getting a beautiful purse that I adore for almost half price!  I'll post a picture once I get it on my birthday. 

Once we'd finished at the mall, we stopped in BJ's Brewhouse and had beer and shared an appetizer.  Then we went shopping for groceries.  Once we got home, I whipped up some shrimp and sausage gumbo and white rice.  Delish! 

Sunday was chore day - laundry, mop kitchen, do facial.  Still, the weather is lovely and I'm happy.  Refreshed and ready to go back to work writing today.

Everything is blooming in our back yard, celebrating Spring!

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