Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yesterday I was working away on the next book and She-Who-Always-Helps-Me aka Anna Adams sent back her critique of my first chapter.  As I'd suspected, I had a good handle on the heroine and not so much on the hero. 

So I made all her corrections and then I deleted everything I'd written in Chapter Two, which was the hero's point of view.  Line Edits arrived from my editor for my next Nocturne, and they're do the 27th, so I have to get busy on those.  But I was thinking, thinking, thinking about my hero (Matt the Ricky Martin look-a-like).

As I was cooking dinner, it hit me.   Exactly waht I needed to do with him.  Amazing how one small change not only deepens his character (and fixes it) but strengthens the conflict and will provide the perfect black moment in the story. 

I just wish I could work on it instead of the line edits.  Crossing my fingers in the hopes it will go smoothly!

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