Friday, April 27, 2012


I'm trying to be more organized in order to get more writing done.  So I made up a plotting board, a writing tool I used to use and then kind of stopped.  It has big squares for each chapter and you go through and write down what you think will happen in that particular chapter.  Since I turned in a fairly detailed synopsis, I was able to use that to guide me. 

I've just about finished and I think I'm going to like writing this book.  I'm just on chapter two - my second attempt at that chapter.  I trashed the previous attempt.

And the Powers That Be at Harlequin have not yet approved it.  So if I write a bunch of it and they say no - I'm screwed.  But if I don't write it, because my deadline is July 1st - two months away - I'm in even worse shape.  So I'm writing it.

This past week I've been sort of lazy.  Ok, no sort of.  Really lazy.  When I left town I had 5549 words done.  I can back and cut stuff - down to 4287.  I've just now got back - an entire week later - t0 5506.  Next week I've got to get back on track and put the petal to the meal - or the fingers to they keyboard, as the case may be.  But for the past couple of months I've been writing 2000 words a day and it just wore me out.  So I needed the break.

But it's looking to be a great story and I love the characters.  So we'll see.

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