Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yesterday was a frightening day, weather wise.  It started out a little bit overcast.  I picked up my brother at his house in Bedford at 9am and we headed to Mesquite to visit our mother.  The drive is long, nearly an hour.  We got there shortly after 10 and had a nice visit.  Around noon, we headed home.  It began pouring rain.

At 1:00 or so, my husband called my cell and told me about the tornados.  Apparently they were everywhere.  Sirens started going off right about then and it was still raining.  Lonnie wanted me to get to my brother's house and stay there.  So I did. 

Once we got inside and turned on the TV, which is satellite and kept going on and off, it began to hail.  At first, small hail, then larger.  My car!  Oh, my car was parked out in my brother's driveway and it got hailed on.  (I have to look today now that it's dry to see if it was damaged. )

Here's the hail from my brother's back patio.

The sirens kept going off.  The TV showed tornados in Arlington, where my youngest brother lives.  I called my dad, who is new to Texas (having moved here in December from Colorado).  I called Lonnie again, and my mom.  The TV also showed a tornado in Mesquite.  They had to take cover in the bathroom of their house.  Luckily, they were not hit.

Finally the rain let up.  I consulted with Lonnie and my brother and decided to try and head home.  I'd barely gone five miles when it got dark and green and started pouring again.  There were floods too, but nothing too bad.  I got home, got my poor car in the garage, and came inside.  Lonnie had the TV on.

I was exhausted.  But safe.  As was everyone I love.  So when the storms were really, truly past us - according to the TV - we headed to the gym.  I did cardio for 30 minutes and read.  I needed that. 

Today I will tackle the final edits - called AA's (Author Alterations) for The Cop's Missing Child.  Or at least start them.  They're due on the 10th.

Wish me luck!

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