Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Remember I told you that my house is being painted? Well here's a picture at twilight, where the soft yellow is only sort of glowing. I did buy new light fixtures - a nice burnished sort of antique rusty bronze. Now they are piled on the dining room table waiting for my poor, beleaguered husband to put them up.

He has finally finished the statements for May and paid the last of the General Agents. I've been super busy managing posts in Craigslist as I mentioned. We sold the breakroom table yesterday and today someone came and bought five chairs, plus two large locking file cabinets, plus the reception desk and matching hutch/credenza, which he is picking up tomorrow.

I've had a weird/busy day too. I had a doctor's appt this morning, then got to the office after (about 9:30am) and worked there packing and cleaning out until 11:30. I came home, made lunch for both of us, and then jumped on my computer to catch up on emails. More people called or emailed about the furniture, the painter had an issue with the color of the downspouts - he left just now to go try to mix the paint again because the color he'd chosen, I nixed.

It's 2:30 and now hubby has a doctor's appt (it's hell getting old!) and I should go to the gym, but I have weights here and a yoga mat and machines and it's 99 degrees outside and MISERABLE, so I'm probably gonna toddle off to the exercise room after I do Craigslist (I haven't had a chance to even touch it today). Yes, I actually feel a bit stressed. It's really weird how busy I've been since we closed the office, a mere week ago today. I know things will settle down eventually, but until we sell all the furniture, move all the other stuff home, and have a HUGE garage sale, I won't have a chance to develop a new routine and see what this new life is going to be like.

Worse, I haven't written a single thing since I turned in the two synopsis's. And I'm starting to ache from not writing. Which is also weird, because I actually have been enjoying the break. Still am, but starting to feel a nudge to get back to it. I like that.

We swam last night after supper. It's so hot here and the pool was close to 90 degrees (88). Beautiful for swimming at dusk. Then we came in and watched The Voice and went to bed.

I'm sort of ready for this office stuff to be over. I know Lonnie is. He keeps saying so.

Better go do Craigslist and then get in my exercise.

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