Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday June 6, 2011

It is hot here in Texas. Seriously hot. The temp hovered near 99 all weekend. The weather skipped right over the 80's and all of a sudden we're having July and August temps in June. WTF?

I'm not a big fan of heat. Yes, I grew up in the mountains (Catskills and Rocky) and while it does get hot there, in Colorado the nights and mornings are cool (and awesome) and in upstate NY, it doesn't stay hot long. And I remember lots of rain in the summers too, like a sunshower every day.
Here, not so much. Just hot. And more heat. And hot.
Down where our lake is (Halfway between here and Houston), it's only rained 1.89 inches since January. The lake is down - way down. In our little cove, there is only 16 inches of water. Not enough to pull our boat up to our dock. Sitting outside, even under the covered patio with ceiling fans whirring, was still uncomfortable, so we left early on Sunday and came home. At least I have a pool at home!
The pool water is 87, which is warm, but still feels good when it's 99 outside.
I've got to go back to the office this week and start packing stuff up. I'm also going to put some of the furniture on Craig's List and try to sell it that way. I also need to continue throwing out trash and packing up stuff to come home. I'll probably do that all week.
Looks like a vacation from writing this week!

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