Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Friday, it's summer, and it's the end of the first week since closing the day job office. I spent yesterday moving furniture and exercising equipment, getting ready to bring home my desk and hutch and hubbie's desk and credenza. We had to clean out two entire rooms - the formal living and the exercise room. Stuff is stacked everywhere. It's messy and disorganized and cramped.

None of us like it one bit - especially the dogs.

Every morning after I burn through my email, I have a blog roll I check. Vets, nurses, Dr Grumpy, a cop, and a couple of other writers. Today, on one of my favorite author's blog, was an entry that made me feel great.

Because I enjoy time alone. Because I want to dress weird and hibernate and avoid other people. I talk to myself, can get lost in music, and love hanging out in nature. I too hate talking on the phone. But then, I'm a writer, aren't I?

Read her blog here. And if you've never read one of her books, try it. She writes the richest description - of food, of nature, of people. It's lush and delicious and when I read her books, it always feels like a celebration of being alive.

Speaking of celebrating life... Being a writer, since I completed my last book in the contract and turned it in on May 1st, and having written nothing except two proposals (synopsis's) since then, I must say that I'm enjoying the time off. From everything. Sure, I'm still packing and moving furniture and dealing with tying up odds and ends from the former insurance office. But I've been cooking - used the wok last night and tried a new recipe - chicken and apples and onion and garlic - that was wonderful. I've made fresh juice - carrot and apple - yumm!. I bought wheat flour and am going back to baking bread again. These are all things I never had time for between working full time, writing two to three books a year, and working out. Now I do. And I'm thrilled, happier than I've been in a long time.

I feel more alive. Which is absolutely amazing and wonderful. I'm thinking this new delight and joy I'm taking in life might - just might - show through in my writing too. Taking this hiatus has actually made ideas start bubbling in my subconscious. That hasn't happened in a long while.

Yes, I won't be making as much money. No more coach purses or designer shoes. But then, I won't need them so much, will I? Because (chortle!) I'll be wearing shorts and tank tops and hippie dresses and walking around listening to the character's voices in my head!

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