Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30, 2011

It's hotter than hell here in Texas. Forecasted high today is 103-104 with a heat index of around 110. I cannot bear it. (Yes, I'm overly dramatic. Sue me!) I lurk in the air conditioned house, or drive in my air conditioned car to the air conditioned gym or store. I haven't been swimming since Saturday because it's been crazy busy. Still.
However, today is the last day of June. The last day of our lease on the office. 2000 square feet of empty space. In a few minutes, we'll be going there to clean, clean, clean. We have a $1,200 deposit riding on this. After this, we're done with that phase of our lives. Next, we have to get ready for a HUGE garage sale. (If it was up to me, I'd have already hauled all that junk to the Goodwill and been done with it.) In the middle of all this, I expect line edits for my January book to arrive in July, we have the mini-vacation to Biloxi, MS, and of course the garage sale.
And I hope to be back under contract soon. Writing sounds really good right now. Especially if I can pretend to be someplace else, like Vancouver Island or Nova Scotia. Why Canada? Because it's COOLER than here, that's why.


Susie Miller said...

Karen!!! I couldn't believe you said Nova Scotia...I'm from Halifax, Nova Scotia and believe me its hotter than hell here today too. I know from going to a football game once in Dallas that it is a dryer heat where you's so gd muggy here that I wouldn't go outside today if you paid me!!! Well, maybe if you paid me enough lol Anyway, girl, tell me ... have you been to Nova Scotia? Are you even from Canada..I've noticed an "eh" here and there on your blogs ;) and you know that's a western Canadian thang..well ok, it's also a Newfoundland thing, which is so far east that you can't go any further...Its a rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and they talk even funnier than the acadian, who went to Louisiana and New Orleans, way back in the day. I am so thrilled that you mentioned our great Province, on the eastern shore of Canada..Nothing like living beside the Ocean! Write back please..I'll be anxious to hear from you. I'll send you my email. :) Thanks and keep on writing ... you are too funny in your blogs explaining how the dog, just appeared and it was that sexy Brian from Train. Oh baby...I love the song he wrote and sang on The Voice the other night. I was just checking him out when I came upon your blog after clicking on his picture. I'm going to keep following your blog now!!!

Karen Whiddon said...

Hi Susie! I'm not from NS or even Canada but I've visited there many times as a kid. I grew up in upstate NY and we went to the Bay of Fundy and Quebec and Montreal. I've been there once as an adult and also to the West Coast of your beautiful country - Vancouver Island is one of my favorite places on this earth. Ah, the fishing. I have a good friend who lives in NS (an online friend, but someday she and I hope to meet in person!) Thanks for writing!