Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Wednesday and the moving thing STILL isn't over. In a few minutes (at 9am), we're leaving for the office. Today's task - take a bunch of old files from the storage rental thing (yes, we have one of those PACKED with boxes of files - five years worth. This will involve hefting huge, heavy boxed onto a cart, wheeling said card to the truck, and packing them in. Once we've filled up the truck space, we have to drive to the bulk shredding place. This will involve numerous trips and several hundreds of dollars.

And heat. Did I mention it got to 101 yesterday? We'll be doing this in the heat. So I think I can safely skip going to the gym today. And a jump in the pool will feel fantastic after. That reminds me - I need to go pack an ice chest with bottled water.

Around here, I think one more day (tomorrow) will enable me to finish transferring everything from my old desk and office to this new one (Not including the crazy closet!) Lonnie still has to transfer his stuff from the upstairs desk to the downstairs one. Then we somehow have to get those two desk out of that room so we can put our exercise equipment back in there.

It never ends. Maybe July will be better. It's got to be.

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