Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Remember the tomato plants? Well finally they're yielding tomatoes! None are ripe yet, but they're getting bigger and growing and I'm pleased!

Also, we've had a painter here all week painting the outside of my house. The color came out more yellow-tinged than I expected, but I'm gradually growing to like it. Yesterday Lonnie and I went to Lowe's and bought new outside light fixtures. I'm excited to get those up.

No word on either the Delivery and Acceptance of the book I turned in May 1st, though my agent has checked on it. And no word of course on the synopsis's or the new contract. I've been so busy with the dadburn office and life that I haven't done any writing, and I need to get back to it before I forget how! Just kidding, but still.

We've gotten a good response on the Craigslist ads for the fridge and furniture. Hoping we can clear some of that stuff out of there quickly. Saturday is the day the guy we hired to help move the stuff that's coming home is doing that. So I've got more reshuffling to do at the house.

Personal training tonight, a doctor's appt in the morning. I made a tuna casserole last night, an old favorite from when my daughter was younger. Lonnie and I both enjoyed it, which is good since we're having it again tonight.

Gotta run. Probably better go by the office and pack some more stuff. Sigh.

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