Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday June 2, 2011

Ok, yesterday was day two of no office and I can see where it's going to be weird.  It was totally different when it was just me and the hubby went to work - we got up at five, did our normal routine and then he went to work and I stayed home and wrote.  Not often, but occasionally.

When he doesn't go to work, it's weird.  Like both yesterday and this morning, we "slept in" until 6.  We still stuck to the normal stuff we did before, with the end result that I felt like I was running an hour behind.  Then, when I came in my office to get on my computer, he came too and got on his.  And kept talking to me.  Both yesterday and today.

Eventually, he stopped and left to go to the office.  Yesterday I worked on my synopsis most of the day and we had lunch together downstairs.  I went back to work, he occasionally got on his computer and did stuff.  I can see that I *must* have a separate office (much like I did at the day job).  Despite me buying him a new laptop, he continues to use the desktop.  When I told him this morning that he had to have his own office, he asked why, genuinely perplexed.  I tried to explain that when I'm writing full time, I MUST have my own office where I can close the door if I have to.  Especially when I get close to a deadline due date.

He just left again to go to the insurance office.  He has to do payables for last month, plus he said he plans to stop at a used office furniture store and see if they want to buy our stuff.  I am hoping to finish the second synopsis today, then I can really dig into the task at hand of moving office stuff home, trashing the millions of excess crap, selling the furniture, etc.  Because until that is done. we can't be done.

On the plus side, I did book us a mini-vacation in July.  My daughter will stay with the dogs.  I might book another mini-vacation in August.  Baby steps, you know.  Baby steps.

For now, back to work!

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Regina Richards said...

I sympathize. I can write with the children in the house, but for some reason - though I love the man dearly - I can't seem to write with him around. When he retires he'll have to get a hobby or we'll both go bats.