Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The centerpiece I bought for my Easter table - isn't it gorgeous?

My book is due in less than a week (May 2nd) and my big, ginormous birthday is a week from today.  Yikes!  So I took the day off to work on the book and am planning on hopefully taking tomorrow off too. 

I've been reading a fabulous Harlequin Romantic Suspense by Justine Davis.  It's her latest one (the title escapes me, it's in my Kindle downstairs) and is part of the Redstone series that I've been half-way following.  This book is freakin' amazing!  I mean as I'm reading it, I'm in awe of her skill as a storyteller.  Tortured hero to the max and true love amazing.  Fresh love scenes and as I read it, I'm trying to figure out how she resolves everything as that is my weak point as a writer - trying to figure out the resolution.  So I'm reading last night and aching and thinking how I want to write like this, damn it and bam - I see something that makes me realize I need to do more characterization in my book that's due May 1st.

So I'm spending the day going through the thing and tomorrow too and then, hopefully then, I can write the ending and send it off to my editor.

Funny how after 33 books (this is my 34th!), I'm still learning.

Ok, and cuz I can't resist - here's one more picture of my lovely centerpiece!

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Regina Richards said...

Gorgeous flowers. Hope your Easter was wonderful.