Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day one of the Dreamin' in Dallas Writer's Conference.  So far, I'm having a great time.  I saw lots of old freinds, have had drinks with a few new friends, talked to some unpublished authors about writing (always fun!), talked to a man in the bar whose wife read romance but was scared to go into the book signing, so he sent me in with $25.00 to get her some books.  I've eaten dinner at a place called Potbelly's, had a few beers, made my 1000 word writing count, and saw my agent and agreed to meet her for coffee in the morning. 

Ten years ago at this very same conference, I met her for the first time.  I signed with her shortly thereafter and we've had a wonderful, 28 book partnership since.  Hats off to my wonderful agent Lucienne Diver!  I truly adore her!

And tomorrow my plans make it also a full day.  I can't wait!

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Regina Richards said...

Those books may have been for the man himself. I used to have a male friend who loved romance novels and would have me pick him up a whole stack when I went to the used bookstore. He was embarrassed to buy them himself.