Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Saturday, the last day in April.  I have been up since 7am (it's nearly 11 now) and had coffee, scrambled eggs and toast, and am hunkered down in front of my computer.  I am writing the end of the book.

The end of books for me are the most difficult (ok,the middle vies for that spot!).  But the end - I've got to tie up all the loose ends, resolve the mystery/suspense aspect, and settle the romance.  I've got to especially make the romance satisfying to the reader, to make sure they agree that there could never be anyone else for this particular couple than each other.  It's tough.

But I will finish today.  Then I'll hopefully have enough time to go get groceries and cook a nice dinner (or order pizza).  My husband made the two hour drive down to the lake and he's spending the day there, checking on things, taking care of the grass,etc.  He'll be back today though because we don't like spending the day apart.  We're sappy romantics that way.

Back to it.  Will post when I finish. 

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